COVID19 Health & Safety Protocols




New (and some pre-existing) protocols for COVID-19 prevention.  The following are some of the steps we are and have been taking to do our part.  This list is not all inclusive and may change as further information becomes available.


  1. Initial contact phone triage.  Education and rescheduling as required.
  2. Regular interval surface disinfection of all knobs, countertops, surfaces and waiting room chairs and surfaces
  3. No magazines, books or coffee makers in the waiting room.  As a courtesy to our patients, the single use coffeemaker is kept in the back office and provided upon request.
  4. Initial infrared temperature assessment to ALL patients and staff on entering the office.
  5. Full PPE including N95 masks for patients suspected of having COVID-19.  (Note that these patients should already have not made it into the office with thorough triage and rescheduling practices)
  6. Staff face masks.
  7. CLOSED DOOR operatories during all procedures involving aerosolization of fluids.
  8. High speed evacuation of aerosols during all procedures.
  9. HEPA filtration systems in all working operatories.
  10. Phone call or text message virtual waiting room allowing patients to wait for their appointment in their car.
  11. 6 feet spacing in the actual waiting room and throughout the office (as allowable).
  12. Constant and efficient hand-washing and “no contact” greeting with patients (virtual handshakes).  Hand sanitizer is, and has always been, readily accessible throughout the office.
  13. Water resistant disposable surgical gowns.
  14. Rubber Dam barrier technique.



Again, this is not a fully comprehensive list and the protocols may change as more information becomes available.  As always, we will get through this together and appreciate your continued diligence and patience.